We currently offer one product group - isotopically coded crosslinkers specifically designed for structural proteomics applications.

Summary of current products.Current products at a glance.pdf
Summary of masses of crosslinking products.Crosslinking masses.pdf
Each product lot is tested by crosslinking reaction with FLAG peptide. FLAG test reaction procedure.pdf
Mass spectrum of test reaction products for each reagent latest lot can be downloaded as .pdf and ABI .T2D or .DAT file.
Cat. NumberProduct NameProduct InfoTest spectrum .pdfTest spectrum .T2D
001S DSS-H12/D12 001S Product Info.pdf 001SLN002 Test spectrum.pdf 001SLN002 Test spectrum.DAT
001SSBS3-H12/D12 001SS Product Info.pdf001SSLN002 Test spectrum.pdf001SSLN002 Test spectrum.DAT
002S DTSP-H8/D8 002S Product Info.pdf 002SLN001 Test spectrum.pdf 002SLN001 Test spectrum.T2D
002SSDTSSP-H8/D8002SS Product Info.pdf002SSLN002 Test spectrum.pdf 002SSLN002 Test spectrum.DAT
003S EGS-H12/D12 003S Product Info.pdf 003SLN001 Test spectrum.pdf 003SLN001 Test spectrum.T2D
003SSEGSS-H12/D12 003SS Product Info.pdf003SSLN001 Test spectrum.pdf003SSLN001 Test spectrum.T2D
008TPTP1 008TP Product Info.pdf008TPLN001 Test spectrum.pdf008TPLN001 Test spectrum.T2D
010SDSG-H6/D6 010S Product Info.pdf010SLN001 Test spectrum.pdf010SLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
010SSDSSG-H6/D6 010SS Product Info.pdf010SSLN001 Test spectrum.pdf010SSLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
011SPCAS -H4 -D4 011S Product Info.pdf011SLN002 Test spectrum.pdf011SLN002 Test spectrum.T2D
013SCDSA-12C6/13C6 013SC Product Info.pdf013SCLN001 Test spectrum.pdf013SCLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
014SCBDPS-H8/D8 014S Product Info.pdf014SLN001 Test spectrum.pdf014SLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
014SSCBDPSS-H8/D8 014SS Product Info.pdf014SSLN002 Test spectrum.pdf014SSLN002 Test spectrum.T2D
018HSDH-H12/D12 018H Product Info.pdf018HLN001 Test spectrum.pdf018HLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
019HADH-H8/D8 019H Product Info.pdf019HLN001 Test spectrum.pdf019HLN001 Test spectrum.DAT
020HGDH-H6/D6 020H Product Info.pdf020HLN001 Test spectrum.pdf020HLN001 Test spectrum.DAT